Packing Machine's Differents
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Vertical form fill seal packing machine: bags forming and sealing through the former , filling and sealing processing. It can be diver to two type : one is bag forming by film and other one is pre-made pouch format   


Pre-made pouch packing machine , its processing including bag giving ,date coding, bag opening, air flushing, products filling, bag sealing etc processing station  


The difference between pre-made pouch packing machine and vertical from fill sealing packing machine,the former one is packing through pre-made pouch , the latter one is packing through the film.


Horizontal packing machine : its products convey through horizontal belt to bag former , hot sealing , air press , bag cutting process. Its suitable for small bread, chocolate, big size biscuit , fasten noodles etc, shape products basis .


All in conclusion, different products would be pack through different kind of packing machine, WISPAC family be engaged in packing machine industrial for many years and offer the one-stop turnkey packing solution to our dear customers with our rich experience and attitude.

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