Granular Packing Line
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Thanks to the labor cost increase step by step through all over the world , automatic system have already become the top need at the moment .

Granular packing machine becomes the one of the automatic needs instead of manual, and brings the convenience and cost-saving for different kind foods industries company .  

Lots of food industries realize that automatic must be necessary , and WISPAC MACHINE enjoy a professionalism packing machine experience team for machine manufacturer and after-sales service support ,that why lots of customer choice WISPAC MACHINE as partner to realize automatic system partner


Granular packing machine including :


1. Intelligence combination multihead weigher

2. Vertical form fill seal packing machine

3. Bucket elevator

4. Platform

5. Finished products conveyor


Application :


 It is suitable for different kind of food , chemical ,plastic products including candy, seeds, jelly, pet foods, puffy foods, pistachio, peanuts, nuts, raisins, shell nuts, dried fruits, frozen foods, snack foods, hard ware, nails , plastic tube, screw etc products feeding ,weighing and packing line   


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