Healthy Snack--Mixing nuts trend
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Nowadays, health is the most focus question in the daily life and snack classification been change a lots , it cause the born of mixed nuts , nuts, cashew, bean, walnuts,grain etc mixing together in one pouch been working by mulithead weigher and vertical packaging machine , automatically machine also instead of manual weighing and packing.


Further , What’s the advantage of mixing nuts/dry fruit :


Reasonable nutrition collocation Balance in nutrition , nowadays is very popular in the foreign countries , mixing nuts & fruit including nuts,oats,cereals,dry vegetable ,etc mixing in one bag(bag format including pillow bag, gusset bag , stabilo pouch , stand up pouch ,etc ) . and some customer will be doubt as its so many different products how to mixing in good weight ,good accuracy and nice speed , now wispac machinery company have different customize project for match with this special products


A, each products weighing by one combination weigher + one customize feeding system + one vertical forming fill sealing packing machine ,

Advantage : suitable for customer’s factory height limitation ,as machine will be install horizontally in floor without stainless steel platform


B, four products weighing by one 24 head combination weigher+ one bucket elevator + one platform + one vertical bagger

Advantage :  high speed-- products drop vertical from weigher to packing machine as it been enhance products drop times , saving ground space 

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