Flexible packaging solution
·Multihead weigher--- 24head Weigher
Advantages :

1. Twin infeeder funnel, twin main vibrator and twin discharge and can match with twin-VFFS bagger

2. High speed mode adapt to single products and mixed mode for two kind of products in one machine

3. Multi- dump function avoid products jamming 

  • Multihead weigher--- 24head Weigher
    Multihead weigher--- 24head Weigher
  • mixed weigher
    mixed weigher
  • mixed multihead weigher
    mixed multihead weigher
  • 24head combination weigher
    24head combination weigher
  • linear feed pan of weigher
    linear feed pan of weigher
  • aluminum case for weigher
    aluminum case for weigher
  • products mix
    products mix
  • application for combi scales
    application for combi scales
Product Overview

1. Special design A/D module with better accuracy and stability

2. Weigher with 100 programs storage in main board which can meet various weighing requirements changeable without any setting again while change products  

3.   IP65 waterproof base which can be wash the machine after weighting with normal water

4. Machine will stop while without enough and it can improve weighing stability and accuracy

5. Vibration amplitude of each linear feeder pan and main feeder can be adjusted independently during the running

6. Different kind of language will be adaptable and available for HMI , easy operation without language problem

7. Machine have cleaning function , easy clean machine while all buckets stay open 

Products Application : 



It is suitable for one kind high-speed weighting or two mixed kind of products weighting including mostly kind of granular products such as nuts, chocolate , seeds , etc and match with twins-packing machine 

Mixed Products weigher




Max. Max.Cap.(g)


Weighing Accuracy


Weighing speed


Hopper Capacity


Operation Panel

10.4 inch touch screen

Machine Optional

1. surface: dimple or plain plate 

Model Optional

20head in 1.3 or 2.5Litre