Flexible packaging solution
·Vertical packing machine-- Sachet bag packing machine

1. One machine adapt to two kind of pouch : three side sealing pouch & 4 side sealing pouch

2. The packaging speed can be adjusted continuously within specified range

3. bag-making has high precision with Easily Operation and maintain character 

  • Vertical packing machine-- Sachet bag packing machine
    Vertical packing machine-- Sachet bag packing machine
  • Sachet Pouch Packing Machine
    Sachet Pouch Packing Machine
  • Four side sealing jaw
    Four side sealing jaw
  • horizontal sealing jaw
    horizontal sealing jaw
  • Sachet Pouch Sample
    Sachet Pouch Sample
Product Overview
1. Each fuction of machine control by CPU with friendly interface screen 

2. The temperature of horizontal and vertical are controlled by intelligent temperature control device 

3. Bag forming is tracking by eye mark avoid products jam while sealing and with almarm function while get problme 

4. Speed of machine can be adjust during machine running without interrupt 

5. Machine easy operation and maintain 

6. Capacity can be adjustable by cup which accordingly to customer's products volume 

 Model number     


Pouch length

50-120 mm

Pouch width

40-85 mm

Measuring Method

Cup Filler

Filling Capacity

1-50 ml

Packing speed

5080 Bag/minDepend on the material and specifications

Seal Style

3 or 4 side


Approx. 1.24 Kw / AC380V

Optional Measuring

Auger Filler